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  • Arthritis

    Treatments to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and maintain and increase joint mobility
  • Back, Neck & Joint Pain

    Treatment to settle down acute pain and joint and soft tissue mobilisation to relieve muscle spasm. Postural advice and exercises given.
  • Sports Injury

    Treatment, advice and rehabilitation to gain strength and confidence to return safely to sport
  • Joint Pains

    Some injuries are due to trauma, some overuse, wear and tear or postural related, and so careful diagnosis is needed
  • Muscle Strain

    Muscle strain or pulled muscle often occurs with over activity such as sports injury or sudden overstretching
  • Ligament Sprain

    Treatment of a ligament sptrain involved promotion of tissue healing, mobilisation to prevent joint stiffness and muscle strengthening
  • Sciatica & Trapped Nerves

    Depending on how irritable the pain is treatment may need to be gentle and concentrate on calming the pain down
  • Womens Health

    Many women suffer with weakness of the pelvic floor muscles especially after pregnancy or later on in life due to hormonal changes
  • Whiplash

    It is important to receive tratment to reduce pain and restore movement and leave no long term disability
  • Postural Related Conditions

    Poor posture may in itself cause pain but if you do not know how to correct this, it will often cause already developed problems to worsen
  • Rehabilitation Post Joint Surgery

    After joint surgery, it is important to regain strength and restore movement