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Back & Neck Pain

Most of us suffer at some time from neck or back pain. This affects our lifestyle, as we can no longer do what we usually do without thinking about it. We often reach for pills for some relief and begin to wonder if this is how we are always going to be. Physiotherapy can help.

It is not always possible to make a precise diagnosis with spinal pain due to the numerous structures in these areas that may be the source of pain. However this does not stop successful treatment and management. By careful assessment to identify any abnormality such as stiffness, muscle spasm and poor posture appropriate treatment can begin.

The aim of treatment in acute, severe back or neck pain is to reduce the pain and inflammation as rapidly as possible. Once the severe pain has gone more intensive therapy can begin by identifying and eliminating possible causes such as poor posture and abnormal movement patterns.

Treatment such as mobilisations of joints and soft tissue massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, postural advice and specific exercises can all be used for effective treatment to get you back onto the road of recovery.