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Womens health

Many women like to participate in sport but we all like to be active and not have weakness that prevents us from doing what we would like to do.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of females exercising and participating in competitive sport.

Many women suffer with weakness of the pelvic floor muscles especially after pregnancy or later on in life due to hormonal changes in menopause. It is something people put up with not realising specific pelvic floor exercises can make a difference.

Pregnancy related problems often stem from the changes the body undergoes during pregnancy followed by the change of lifestyle once the baby has been born. Often muscles are not restored to their former strength and poor posture remains putting strain on the joints. Abdominal muscles lengthen during pregnancy and the lower back tends to lean into a hollow shape causing back pain.

Recognising where the problems lie and being given advice and exercise can make a big difference to your lifestyle.